How We Maximize Your Growth & Profitability

Using TimeLyft's unique setup features, you can easily store and track:

  • Your service model (if you have one).
  • Revenue from each client
  • Time for each client.
  • Your Growth Goals (Coming soon!)
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Profit Insights

TimeLyft will generate Profit & Growth Insights to:

  • Help you determine (per hour) individual client profitability
  • Analyze your most profitable clients.
  • Aid to reduce (or eliminate) the time with your least profitable
  • Provide growth insights to help grow your overall revenue

What We Deliver

TimeLyft's Monthly Subscription (10% of the average cost of a strategic coach) consist of 4 major sections:

Client Overview

Get an overlook at WHO your clients are, how much revenue they generate and who are the most/least profitable.


Capacity Analysis

Understand how much of your time is spent client facing,developing new business and internally.


Profit Insights

Better understand the profitsyou're making from each client.

Most Profitable Clients - How to clone and duplicate these types of clients

Least Profitable Clients - How to reduce time spent with these clients, or, eliminate the "time wasters"


Growth Guide

Understand your earning potential and how to best grow.

  • Optimal Ratio for Client Types
  • Earning potential of a new client
  • Opportunity time from reducing or eliminating a client.

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